Are you pregnant with annoying acnes popping out all over your skin? There’s nothing to worry because acne is common in pregnancy.


Pregnant women are more prone to acne than women who are not, regardless of whether they have previously had acne before or not. This is because during pregnancy, many hormonal changes occur in the body of the expecting mother, in which these changes affect the secretions of the skin which in turn affect the onset of acne.


The Production of Acne


Usually acne strikes during the first trimester of a woman’s pregnancy. This is because during this period, the levels of hormones undergo an enormous leap, which causes acne. The body produces more progesterone during this critical period – a hormone that is more androgenic than estrogen.  This means that the hormone resembles the male hormone more, which causes the secretions of a woman’s skin glands to increase. As we all know, as skin glands excrete more waste, the risk of breakouts increases, as well. Fortunately for expecting mothers, after the first three months, progesterone is already produced by the placenta and not by the ovaries, thereby allowing acne to clear up in time.


Treatment of Pregnancy Acne


Acne should be treated before the woman gets pregnant, if she intends to have it treated at all.This is because treatment usually involves the taking of medication, which can be harmful to the baby.


Medication for treating acne usually includes tetracycline antibiotics, oral isotretinoin, and topical retinoids. Some of these medications can cause damage to the bones and teeth of the developing fetus. Others, on the other hand, are known to cause severe abnormalities on the unborn child and some have the tendency to be absorbed into the baby’s bloodstream and have similar damaging effects. Aside from these known side effects, there are unknown effects which could harm the baby, and it is safest to just avoid all of these medications altogether.


Pregnant women have another option to treat acne though. There are presently many products in the market which are applied externally, such as drying treatments in cream or gel form, which has very little or no harmful effects on the fetus. However, pregnant women should also be careful in applying these on their body because their skin is prone to being dry during pregnancy, so it is possible that these treatments may further dry or irritate for the skin. Thus, the best solution to the skin is the most natural way – drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit and vegetables.  This is the most beneficial solution for the mother’s skin and for the baby’s health, as well.


Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in a woman’s health and body. It is therefore best to watch your diet, lifestyle, and daily routine closely to be able to stay healthy and good-looking throughout the journey. Acne may be bring a little trouble, but as long as you are dealing with it safely and properly, you can be sure that you will overcome it soon.